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INTERNATIONAL ESCAPE PLAN: How to Create a Sensible, International Bugout Plan to Protect You Against Economic Collapse, Tyranny, War, or Anything Else


Imagine this:

A bad news alert pops up on your phone. It could be:

  • A massive, unexpected increase in the inflation rate
  • An onerous new medical mandate of some kind
  • A warning from a foreign intelligence service that the country you’re living in is about to be invaded by its neighbor
  • A warning of an impending volcanic eruption or serious storm
  • A personal tip that you’re suddenly a “Person of Interest” in some sort of alleged scandal and you decide it’s probably better to be out of the public eye for a bit while you figure out what’s going on.

Many times, the simplest way to avoid a serious emergency is to simply leave the country you’re in and go to a friendlier, more peaceful country for a time.

But are you prepared to go?

If I told you, right this very moment, that you need to be at the airport, on an international flight out within three hours, could you do it? Are you prepared to drop everything and go on very short notice?

That’s what this course will teach you. I will teach you how to build a plan so that you can answer a solid “Yes” to that question.

Remember, in many emergencies, the longer you wait the worse it gets. The flights are sold out; the trains are packed. You risk becoming a genuine refugee if you wait too long.

Time is of the essence.

It’s always better to be days, weeks, or even months too early than to be a minute too late.

And the way you cut the time needed for action down to the minimum is with Proper Prior Planning.

“But Joshua, I don’t want to leave!”

I know. None of us want to leave. After all, you’ve carefully chosen where you live and it’s the best place for your family to be. I get it.

In many emergencies the very best place to be is safe at home where you are comfortable and well-supplied.

But not all. If enemy tanks are rumbling into your town, get out! If a volcano is threatening, get out! If your country is tipping into hyperinflation, get out!

You’ll be glad you did.

“But Joshua, I don’t want to do any extreme or expensive preparations!”

I’m not asking you to do anything extreme. (At least not at first!)

What do you really need?

  • A passport
  • A credit card
  • A cell phone

That’s literally Phase 1. There’s a good chance you have that ready to go.

But let me ask you: do you have a passport for every member of your family? Your children (including your newest baby)? Your parents? Your in-laws?

Are those passports current? Do they have more than 6 months of validity remaining? Do they have enough empty visa pages?

Do you know where you would go? Do you know where you can go legally for a long time—say six months—based on the visa-free travel privileges? Do you have the necessary tourist visas for the countries you’d really like to visit?

You don’t need to spend a lot of money or time on this.

But you do need to spend some. And, chances are you’ll want to do more.

The Power of a Phased Approach

In this course I will teach you a practical, phased approach to international preparedness so you are truly prepared with your personal International Escape Plan.

Phase 1

In Phase 1, you are CONCERNED. “I'm concerned about what could happen in the future, but I don't want to leave home. And I don't want to spend much money in advance, preparing to leave.”

This is where we all start. We have a concern and realize that at some point we might need to leave, but we aren’t sure how many resources to commit to this plan.

So, I’ll teach you how to do it fast and on the cheap.

  • You’ll get your passports renewed for you and all of your family members.
  • You’ll create a list of the specific countries you would choose to go to first. Countries you have access to and where you will fit in and be able to live comfortably.
  • You’ll make a plan to get your hands on cash from your accounts fast.
  • You’ll make sure you have the ability to plan where your family will stay, quite literally on-the-fly.

Phase 2

In Phase 2, you are PREPARED. "I'm not moving, but I'm motivated to be ready to flee and I'm willing to dedicate more money to my preparations."

In this phase, you’re still staying home, but you’re going to invest a bit more time and effort into developing a more robust plan.

We’ll cover:

  • Foreign bank accounts so you can bypass capital controls and currency fluctuations.
  • Foreign residencies so you have the legal permission for longer stays in a foreign country and even the right to work and earn income from that country.
  • Second passports to help you avoid restrictions imposed on you by your home country passport.
  • Simple, affordable long-term lodging options to keep a roof over your family’s head.
  • Communications gear that works (even if the cell-phone networks are disrupted).

If you complete Phase 1 and Phase 2, you will be vastly more prepared than others and will be positioned to quickly and comfortably evacuate your country, should the need arise.

It’s my goal that all of my students complete Phase 1 within a month and Phase 2 within a year.

Phase 3

In Phase 3, you become a PART-TIMER. “I'm motivated enough to set up and maintain a part-time bugout location abroad."

Everyone should do Phase 1 & 2. But only some people should do Phase 3. If you’re the kind of person with the means and the motivation to be even more prepared, you’ll complete Phase 3.

We’ll cover:

  • Long-term housing options abroad. We’ll discuss the benefits and logistics of maintaining a second residence in a target country which you can use for personal enjoyment as well as a back-up location in times of need.
  • How to establish a complete, turnkey local infrastructure. You fly into town and can live and work seamlessly, right from the very first minute in country.

Phase 4

In Phase 4, you will become an EXPAT. “I’m outta here! I’m going to actually move to my secondary country and abandon my home country. (At least for now.)”

Most people will never actually complete Phase 4. And in the course I’ll explain very carefully why most people shouldn’t complete Phase 4, unless forced to do so.

However, we will thoroughly discuss how to become an expat intelligently.

After all, the very best way to avoid the rush of a last-minute crisis evacuation is by never being in a place where you are confronted with a last-minute crisis evacuation.

A thoughtfully executed expatriate plan will avoid many of the most pressing problems.

We’ll cover:

  • How to know if an expat lifestyle is right for you.
  • How to handle the logistical challenges of children’s education, work and income creation, etc.
  • How to use geo-arbitrage to cut your living expenses, cut your taxes, and improve your lifestyle.

This course will show you the simplest and yet most comprehensive way to handle national-level emergencies.

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I’ll see you inside the course!


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INTERNATIONAL ESCAPE PLAN: How to Create a Sensible, International Bugout Plan to Protect You Against Economic Collapse, Tyranny, War, or Anything Else

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